Shred Belly Fat With Organifi Green Juice

Organifi Green Juice To Naturally Lose Belly Fat

Organifi Green Juice is one of the hottest and best-selling health drinks on the market today. Most people take this to help them get the benefits of vegetables without having to eat a ton of salads and other green throughout the day. Organifi makes it very easy to just mix in water and take a supplement on a daily basis. It being a whole lot of benefits to those who consistently drink it and helps them lose weight at the same time.

When it first came out people just took it as advertised, which is perfectly fine. Then something very interesting started to happen. A lot of people who started taking it on a regular basis not only began to feel better and have more energy than they’ve had in a very long time. They also started to notice that they were losing that extra stubborn belly fat that they have been stuck with for a long time. We all know that working out is very crucial part of staying in shape and burning fat. We also know that making sure that we eat right is just as important when it comes to getting the best result possible with whatever workout program that we’re doing such as the viral bar bros workout routine. When you’re eating right and getting the recommended serving of greens as you do in Organifi as well as all the other super foods that it contains. You are really setting yourself up to give yourself the best possible chance to really take your health and your fitness to the next level.

It has also been shown that wheat grass which is also found in Organifi Juice is very effective for gray hair in men and women. It can help reverse and prevent it from turning gray as well as help fight hair loss as well. It supplies your body with the necessary vitamins to ensure that your body is performing at optimal levels. You can read more about both organifi and bar brothers workout at There you can read about how you can burn more belly fat and really take your fitness and health seriously and get the results that you’re looking for. Just keep in mind that you should always make sure that you do no have any allergens to certain foods before taking a supplement.

Traction Alopecia The Result Of Tight Hair

Avoiding Traction Alopecia

Traction alopecia ( a form of hair loss that is a result of bad hair styles. No, seriously. Traction alopecia is so common among those who are suffering from a type of hair loss yet it is the easiest for of hair loss to avoid. Unlike androgenic alopecia or male pattern balding which is usually a result of genetics and the increase of DHT in the body. Traction alopecia is simply caused by damage to the hair follicles when someone puts too much stress on it but specific hair styles such as braiding or ponytails. It’s not to say that one can’t or should have those hair styles but you really have to sit back and consider the pressure that these hair styles put on your follicles.

If you have very tight braids and you have this style for months, you are having continuous pressure on your follicles, after a while the pressure causes it to become irritated and as a result your follicles will shrink and you hair will slowly start to thin and eventually fat all leaving a bald spot around the sides of the head and the hair line. This is why you’ll often see people with braid that have a receding hair line because they have had braids for years and never gave their hair a chance to grow back. So in reality if people were more aware of this they wouldn’t have to worry about potential hair loss.

Thinning Hair Follicles

The hair follicles can be very sensitive and once they start to shrink it becomes very difficult to heal them. It has been studied that African Americans tend to experience traction alopecia at a higher rate than other races simply due to the fact that they tend to braid their hair more overall as a race. This isn’t ti suggest that they are the only ones who are subjected to it, however statistics due prove to make a valid argument. Because the damage is a result of scarred and infected hair follicles, treatments for traction alopecia are not as likely as opposed to other forms of hair loss such as alopecia areata which is typically caused by stress.

The difference between between the two forms of alopecia is that areata alopecia are random spots of balding that occur when most often when a person is highly stressed out. The upside to it is your hair generally starts to grow back within a year and the hair loss isn’t permanent. You can also have a much higher success rate and a quicker recovery time with areata if you take a hair loss supplement which can help speed up the process for those who are trying to regrow their hair back.

Traction Alopecia Vs Alopecia Areata

Traction Alopeca:
Pros: It can be avoided
Cons: Very hard to reverse

Alopecia Areata:
Pros: Hair will grow back
Cons: The hair loss is much more visible and dramatic.

Overall which ever form of hair loss one encounters can be very difficult and depressing to deal with. It’s about educating yourself and understanding that they are things you can do to prevent these from happening or at least give you an understanding of what you need to do in order to over come it and reverse the issue. Check out the video below that goes over the different hair styles causing alopecia.

Androgenic alopecia in Australia

Australian Alopeica?

You’ve read articles about hair loss in America and how it is becoming more and more common among both men and women. The United States was considered to be the leader in terms of hair loss and hair loss medications being prescribed. Until recently no one really mention Australia as being a country with androgenic alopecia issues, or at least not int he capacity of the United States. Over the past couple years more and more people in Australia have been purchasing hair loss medications to try to resolve whatever androgenic issue that they are dealing with.

This spike in numbers for hair loss medication in Australia points to the fact that this issue is becoming a bigger issue than it has been in the past. You see the difference in drug protocols in the US and Australia ans minimal but due to certain ingredients not all medications are available in Australia as they are in the Unites States. With that being said people are looking to buy hair loss medication online rather than over the counter or at their local pharmacies. There is no specific statistics that show percentages of men and women but the bottom line is that they are experiencing it just as much as we are here. No one really knows what recently caused the increase but some speculate that the diets have greatly been adapted in other countries with the expansion of Us based fast foods becoming apart of their diets they are starting to experience the same issues that we are having here.

Male Pattern Hair Loss is a global issue, everyone knows that. No specific country or race is immune to hair loss but a specific are could experience it at a higher rate sue to certain lifestyles that enable this problem. Some studies have shown that people who live in cleaner environments have less issues with hair loss which I find to be a bit untrue. We don’t exactly what causes hair loss but we do know that it is typically hereditary. It’s said to be from the father of from the mothers side of the family so one can at least anticipate that if there is a history of hair loss in the family that it’s very possible that they can or will experience some type of alopecia issue in the future.

Another thing that we know about hair loss is that is has to do with DHT which is a chemical hormone that causes your hair line to close up and your hair to thin and fall out. Most medications, at least the good ones have figured out that this is an important factor when it comes to treating hair loss and it is the main ingredient or focus when it comes to reversing pattern baldness. DHT is something that can be caused by multiple things and doctors don’t know how to completely get rid of it but they have discovered how to manage it and keep it at a very low level.