Androgenic alopecia in Australia

Australian Alopeica?

You’ve read articles about hair loss in America and how it is becoming more and more common among both men and women. The United States was considered to be the leader in terms of hair loss and hair loss medications being prescribed. Until recently no one really mention Australia as being a country with androgenic alopecia issues, or at least not int he capacity of the United States. Over the past couple years more and more people in Australia have been purchasing hair loss medications to try to resolve whatever androgenic issue that they are dealing with.

This spike in numbers for hair loss medication in Australia points to the fact that this issue is becoming a bigger issue than it has been in the past. You see the difference in drug protocols in the US and Australia ans minimal but due to certain ingredients not all medications are available in Australia as they are in the Unites States. With that being said people are looking to buy hair loss medication online rather than over the counter or at their local pharmacies. There is no specific statistics that show percentages of men and women but the bottom line is that they are experiencing it just as much as we are here. No one really knows what recently caused the increase but some speculate that the diets have greatly been adapted in other countries with the expansion of Us based fast foods becoming apart of their diets they are starting to experience the same issues that we are having here.

Male Pattern Hair Loss is a global issue, everyone knows that. No specific country or race is immune to hair loss but a specific are could experience it at a higher rate sue to certain lifestyles that enable this problem. Some studies have shown that people who live in cleaner environments have less issues with hair loss which I find to be a bit untrue. We don’t exactly what causes hair loss but we do know that it is typically hereditary. It’s said to be from the father of from the mothers side of the family so one can at least anticipate that if there is a history of hair loss in the family that it’s very possible that they can or will experience some type of alopecia issue in the future.

Another thing that we know about hair loss is that is has to do with DHT which is a chemical hormone that causes your hair line to close up and your hair to thin and fall out. Most medications, at least the good ones have figured out that this is an important factor when it comes to treating hair loss and it is the main ingredient or focus when it comes to reversing pattern baldness. DHT is something that can be caused by multiple things and doctors don’t know how to completely get rid of it but they have discovered how to manage it and keep it at a very low level.

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